Ayurvedic Spa

The world’s most renowned spas owe their success to clients’ reports that their experience was both dreamlike and therapeutic and this is what we know we will hear from your clients. We create unique spas from ground level. We also adapt and enrich existing spas to Ayurvedic procedures. Our work begins with layout and decoration, using Vastu Shastra, the Indian predecessor of Feng Shui. Therapies for holistic detox, maintenance and rejuvenation are part of Panchakarma and Poorvakarma. With total reference to your local setting, history and flora, these programmes have been used for millennia.

The therapeutic process is not confined to the spa alone. Whenever possible, it extends to the restaurant and to the spa users’ rooms making their stay holistic, beneficial and divinely pleasurable.

Knowing that Ayurveda is a rapidly developing cross cultural experience, we offer translation services, by native and certified translators, of all spa programmes. Our printed information pamphlets can be provided in most languages.

Our therapies, which can vary from day-spa concepts to one-month programmes, will add to the excellence of your customer service. Ayurveda can be a life changing experience as clients discover how to rethink in a healthy, holistic way using our tools for change and continual self development.

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