International Offer

Our international Ayurvedic Centre is an associate of the Carla Moreira School of Hydrotherapy and Spa, based in Portugal. It is a great privilege to work in partnership with the premier School of its kind, known and respected nationwide for its excellence.

Our association with the School guarantees that our training and manuals, which have internationally and nationally recognised certification, follow the highest standards. Our partnership also allows the School of Hydrotherapy and Spa to offer courses and the creation of exclusive spas worldwide at prices attractive to each local economy. Our proposals are based on an extensive, holistic study of the spa site.  The entire building and its surroundings are taken into consideration so that the treatment centre we create or adapt is harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. Our work with the School also includes training its students in  Ayurvedic massage and spa therapy skills. Together we are constantly working towards the creation of unique spa concepts.

Contact us now and let us fulfill your potential.

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